Afghan Cart Company


             Biography President of Afghan Cart Company:

Alhaj Muhammad Zarif “Arghand“ son of Muhammad Ajan was born in a civilization & bright minded & wealthy family in Paghman district - Arghandi olyayee village in 1345 - Kabul Afghanistan.

Mr. Muhammad Zarif “Arghand” started primary school in (Amir Dost Muhammad Khan) central school and completed high school in (Ghazi high school) and gets best grade with merit certificates.

After to continue his higher education he had passed concourse Exam in 1362, He admitted in University.

He defense from his diploma and he graduated with best grades by master position.

He served as a teacher in military services for teaching of geometry and trigonometry subjects, after he had casted in Afghan Cart Company – Completing his education level, Alhaj Muhammad Zarif “Arghand “starts working as general manager of commerce and industries, governance and the council of Ministers secretariat, General Federation of TKV and Nation Olympic Committees and Ariana Afghan Airline, that in 1368 by president’s order he become the President of ACC and continuing to his mentioned position till now that  for his best results and acknowledgements  and services he appreciated by president of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. He had best travel conclusions from foreign countries in export and import of goods and materials such as: china, Pakistan ,south Korea, Qazaqistan ,Ukraine , India , Iran , Turkey , Belgium , Germany , France ,Italy , Poland.

He had brought so many achievements in the mentioned field that he has shared his experience with his employees for improving the capacity and development of daily affairs activities either he has gone to Saudi Arabia for performance of (Fariza –e- Haj).




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