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Biography Administrative and Commercial

Alhaj Karimullah Sarwari son of Amanullah Sawari was born in knowledgeable family in 1349 at Chahar Qalai Chardehi Village, Kabul province.

He started his  preliminary school at Char Qala in 1368, He joined Kabul Pul technique preparation track in the year of 1367, he graduated with the top result from Pul technique, at the year of 1368 he participated into Afghan military services, he took his clearance from afghan military services in 1370, at the year of 1370 employed as retailers at Ministry of commerce and industries, he was selected as administrative assistant at Afghan cart company in 26-4-1373, and then he was selected as supplier administrative assistant at Afghan cart co. and thus he was positioned and employed as money transferring manager, at the year of 1378 he worked as prospectus General manager, at Ministry of commerce and industries, and then positioned as General manager at Afghan cart co. in 1387.

After that he was selected as a recruitment Manager at Afghan cart co. in 1386.

After passing his examination, being involved into institute of water and energy in 1391.

At the year of 1392 he acquired his Diploma with the premier rank, till yet he employs as Administrative assistant with his best efforts, and excessive performance and took appreciation letters from the ultimate department Headmistress of commerce and industries. he has gone to Saudi Arabia for performance of (Fariza –e- Haj).