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Welcome to our website Afghan Cart Corporation (ACC) was statute on 1357 as a commercial department of ministry of commerce board; This Corporation is owned by Afghan Government and private sector. Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, and Pashtany Bank of Afghanistan own 51%, and 22 private companies along with 228 individual traders own the remaining 49% of this corporation.

The reason of introducing Afghan Cart Corporation by Afghan government is to open a window for a competitive business.

This Corporation is placed with the bellow departments.

  1. Integrated Affiliate
  2. Board Directors
  3. Operation Board

All these departments operate as per the rules and procedures of the duties that they are appointed with.

This corporation has good business relations with 66 countries of the world (Russia, Germany, Pakistan, India, Hungary, Bulgaria, Japan…..) Which their business gives millions of Dollars profit to it: ACC is a self-motivated corporation which pays all its expenses and employee salaries from its own income.

The vision and mission statements for MOCI reflect the aims of the Afghan constitution and ANDS, as follows:


Vision: “A socially responsible market economy in Afghanistan, in which sustainable and equitable growth is private sector led and leads to increased employment, higher living standards and the reduction of poverty, in which competition operates for the benefit of all.”

Mission: “To encourage growth through the development of appropriate policies and regulations, and the facilitation of private sector production and trade.”

Summary of Strategic Objectives

As the main thrust of the Strategic Plan, the Ministry has identified the following Strategic Objectives for developing the Afghan Economy:

  1. Improve the Enabling and Regulatory Environment for Business and Afghanistan’s DBI[1] Ranking;
  2. Improve International Competitiveness and Trade;
  3. Industrialise Afghanistan through Increased Exports and Import Substitution;
  4. Ensure the Private Sector Operates Fairly and Equitably;
  5. Ensure Pro-Poor Growth; and
  6. Promote the Market Economy and Increase Understanding of How it Operates.

The Ministry has identified a seventh supporting strategic objective:

  1. Ensure that MOCI has the Capacity to Deliver on its Role

Ministry of commerce and Industries of Afghanistan as a facilitator administration, ministry efforts to make queue and row of the related offices e.g. Donors, non government organizations, Trade unions, investors, foreigner trade shareholders, and further offices which can assist interventions. This role of the ministry also included with the direct activities of interventions in order to realize the difficulties and obstacles which is laid in our path in the current and future through the creation and persuading of communion of government and private sector, also suitable rules and regulations must be collocated and prepared in order to be used and completely applied the existence resources for better movement.

There is a long distance laid in our path to be a prosperous facilitator for growth and improvement of private sector.

In the trade arena, ministry needs to improve the application of agreements of trade and transit of Afghanistan-Pakistan and also secure the relation with world trade organization (WTO) and the endorsing and implementation of agreements with the key shareholders of Middle East.

In many places, ministry of Commerce and Industries outlined and prepared a sound policy of rivalry, policy of supporting customers and an administration guidance for guide and support from the activities inside the ministry. Added to this, ministry also started a process of scrutiny of its policy on Industrial Parks as the first step towards reforming of the mentioned theme.

Rules and regulations of Afghanistan as situated in a manner of well development, despite Afghanistan has been surveyed 25ft country from 183 countries by World Bank for establishing of an intervention, located, and now ministry is about applying the program of licensing reform to create a perspicuous, correlate, and comprehensive licensing system.

Ministry created an authority of conduction of petroleum and natural Gas affairs for the improvement of administration, regulations, and activity of craft of petroleum and natural Gas inside Afghanistan and by doing such rates has been decreased and that the retail prices are proper.