Khwaja Rawash Street, Customs Road, District 9, Kabul, Afghanistan

About ACC


attracting internal – external investors!

Afghan Cart Company has establsihed on 1357 by official order # (1212) of Afghan Government to provide the requirments of the governmental – Non governemental & Public Institutions & to export Afghanistan’s produced goods to foreign Markets and import all the needs of our poeple & Pave the ground for a sound competition amonge the internal Market.

ACC has founded to prevent from the goods fluctuations as a commercial department of Ministry of Finance. ACC is not a buget unit of the government that all the actions is taken according to official  published statute (Jarida) number 766.

ACC paying all its expenses by its own income. And the ACC’s Balances are positive and going on useful.

ACC has well protected by the Government as all Governamental and non governamental companies get thier requirements and orders Via Afghan Cart Company So ACC has legal personality and its time of service is not limited. The new statute is published in the official (Jarida) # (2665) that government own 40% and private sector own the remaining 60% of this company according to the decree No. (27) dated 09/18/1399 has been approved into (5) chapters and (55) article.