Our Company

The Afghan Cart state-owned corporation is the only corporation which serves nicely for 4 decades as safe import, export & sales all over the world Our all affairs are based on well-known procedures, we always tried to deliver what a customer’s really expects we appointed employees whose desires are to improve internal and external relationships. Corporation’s main shareholders are: general state-owened corporations administration of Afghanistan, Pashtany Bank, Ministry of Trade and industry, 21 limiteds, and 228 national & private traders

Our Mission

Our aims are to improve governmental incomes and make more reliable environment for private sectors

We Have

We have import, exports & selling self and other products we also provide facilities for private and state companies, traders, & all business ranks  

Service & Benefits

Be a part of us and improve your business we will facilitate you the belief of state, as we are Afghanistan’s first company who is more responsible for country’s import & exports



Afghan Card State Company was established in accordance with decree No. 1212 of 1357 dated 14/08/1357 and later in 1359 as Afghan Card Mixed Joint Stock Company, which in order to provide and export the required assets for public and private institutions, import of goods for the purpose of re-export of authorized items of the country to foreign markets Legitimate competition with domestic market in order to prevent price fluctuations in The Ministry of Industry and Commerce has been established and not a government budget unit. All the costs of the company are made from the company’s revenues It has a legal character and its service durability is not limited, and all execution takes place according to the articles of the intended statute published in the Official Gazette No. 766.